Kepi Ghoulie


From California to Berlin, From Texas to Canada, Kids love Kepi! And Kepi loves kids! He understands their energy and their world because he has maintained a youthful enthusiasm 30 years into his musical career! He will be bringing his hometown magic to Fairytale Town on Sunday August 10th. “Kepi for Kids” is out on Fun Fun Records and kids are going crazy for songs like “Days That End in ‘Y’”, “Do the Kangaroo”, “I Can Talk to the Animals” and “Spazz Out!”

Playing parks and schools locally, the ‘Chalk it Up” festival and more, Kepi’s Kids music has gotten him flown to Canada for children’s shows, Texas for public appearances, and Kepi has even performed three times on “Yo Gabba Gabba” live!!!

His “grown up” music has garnered Kepi awards and travels all over the world, as far away as Japan and Australia, and even impromptu shows in India! Keep an open mind and an open heart, and adventure will be yours! Join Kepi, for kids, as he visits from the far away nation of Kepiland, that is also just as close as your heart and imagination!