Dan Potthast


Dan Potthast is a lead singer and front man for long running giants MU330, and has been touring and playing rock shows since the band started in 1988. His unique songwriting style and sense of fun and melody made the band stand out from other bands of the genre. He discography runs deep with MU330 and beyond, having released 15 full length albums. Dan’s extensive world touring has honed his solo shows into a one man powerhouse. Few solo artists can captivate and singlehandedly hold on to an audience like Dan does.

On a recent trip to visit his brother on the east coast, Dan was invited to come play guitar for his sister in law’s K-5 art classes. It was a half day for the school, and her classes were only 20 minutes. Not long enough to start much of an art project, but long enough to have some fun. “I was blown away by the response of the kids when I started strumming and singing.” says Dan. “They were so not worried about being cool, and were just ready to have fun. I love that!” Inspired by the kids’ energy and eagerness to rock out, Dan came home from the trip and started writing songs. The writing process was quick and natural, Dan says. “I just think about how uninhibited those kids were, and try to use that same kind of attitude when writing. I’ve always used humor in my songwriting, so having a playfulness to the songs was not a big stretch.”

Dan is currently writing and recording a full length album for Fun Fun records due out sometime in 2013.