In the fall of 1985, Mike Park began his journey in the music world. His first band Psychiatric Disorder, played blistering punk rock influenced by BLACK FLAG, 7 SECONDS, MINOR THREAT, and THE MINUTEMEN. Unfortunately, the band was horrible. But that was more than twenty five years ago and though the music has changed, the philosophy of punk has remained a staple in the life of Mr. Park. As a member of the now defunct band Skankin’ Pickle, Mike Park was able to release five full length records, tour fourteen countries, and make his mark in the independent music world.

In May of 1996, Park started Asian Man Records, which boasts a roster of bands that include ALKALINE TRIO, LAWRENCE ARMS, ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD, JOYCE MANOR, KEVIN SECONDS, BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, THE QUEERS, and many more.

In 2006 Park welcomed his first child, daughter Maggie Elizabeth Park to the world. A year off from music and then a second child in 2008 (Moses Young Park) brought much change for Mr. Park, but his new found love for fatherhood has given him new direction. On August 20th, 2011, Park released his first children’s album titled “SMILE”. Park’s son and daughter have given their seal of approval on this one. If you don’t like the record, they are to blame. 12 tracks that deal with crossing the street, dancing like a worm, and eating apples. YES, very political!! The tracks are high energy mixing SKA and INDIE POP sounds that will get the kids jumping and ready for nap time.

After the success of “SMILE”, Park was continually asked by musician friends about releasing their own kid friendly record and thus FUN FUN RECORDS was born. The idea is to keep the DIY PUNK ethics intact while providing quality and educational music for our kids.

“After being subjected to mounds of kids music, I thought there’s got to be a better alternative than this cookie cutter stuff. My hope is that FUN FUN RECORDS will be an alternative for parents looking for more than just your run of the mill children’s music”

-Mike Park